Murder and Culpability in Libya

Obama, the serial liar, does it again.  Liberals swallow it all whole, but unbiased Americans who are paying attention see the outrageous scandal in Libya as it unfolds.

Here is the sequence of events in Libya, starting from the beginning:

1.  Sometime in the past few months, Al Queada begins planning an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya on the anniversary of 9/11.

2.  U.S. intelligence officials become aware of a plan, likely with very sketchy detail.

3.  U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens expresses grave concern about embassy security.

4.  The Democrat party holds their convention in Charlotte, N.C. the week prior to the 9/11 anniversary.  During this convention, the killing of Al Queada leader Osama Bin Laden is bragged about at least 15 times by various speakers, including the President.

5.  Surely this was watched over and over again by those planning the Libyan attack, and likely inspiring them to avenge the death of their leader on the anniversary of their success against the great satan.

6.  On 9/11, a well organized attack by well armed terrorists is launched on 2 U.S. Libyan outposts that were miles apart, the U.S. Embassy and an annex.  4 people are killed in the attacks, including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, 2 Navy Seals, and a civilian employee.

7.  The President, Secretary of State, and Defense Secretary all claim the deaths were a result of a mob inspired by an anti-Islamic movie (that was released in July).  This in spite of the knowledge well in advance that Al Queada had been planning an attack.

8.  24 hours after the attack, clear evidence from the CIA confirms that the attack was well planned, had Al Queada links, and was not the result of a spontaneous mob.  Senior government officials including the President were informed.

9.  6 days later, US Secretary to the UN, Susan Rice, appears on 4 Sunday talk show programs stating explicitly and without doubt that the attacks were spontaneous and not well organized or planned, and were the result of the movie.

10.  At Ambassador Steven’s funeral, Secretary of State (and proclaimed close friend of Stevens) again blamed the deaths on a video.

11.  2 weeks after the attack, the Secretary of Defense and of State, and Director of the CIA, all publicly state the attack was the result of terrorism, a well planned attack targeting the 9/11 anniversary, and an Al Queada linked organization.  The only person not stating this publicly has been- wait for it now- the President of the United States.

12.  To this day, the liberal media has played the story of this blockbuster scandal as a 2nd-tier story.  Only Fox News and the Wall Street Journal have given it the attention it deserves- which is as the lead headline.  Apparently it is too close to the election for the liberal media to cover such an outrageous scandal committed by this administration.

Let me summarize:  Al Queada plans the attack, we learn of it in advance, we don’t shore up the embassy, the Democrats spike the football on bin Laden’s killing in Charlotte, the attack comes on the 9/11 anniversary, 4 of our people are killed, Obama and his henchman blame a video, they continue to blame a video, overwhelming evidence forces them to come clean but the President is silent.  Lastly, the media puts a shield up around Obama and he goes unscathed.

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