Obama’s Dilemma: Everything He Says About Romney is False

President Obama lost the last debate because he was hit right between the eyes with his falsehoods.  Mitt Romney is a great person, a caring person, and more competent than the President times five. 

Why did Obama get destroyed in the debate?  No, my Democrat readers, it was not the Denver altitude (per Al Gore).  Nor was it an international crisis that broke just prior to the start of the debate (per Bob Woodward).

He was destroyed because he believed his own false rhetoric.  Actually, his hateful rhetoric.  That Romney is greedy, that he just wants tax breaks for himself and his rich friends, that he doesn’t want healthcare for the poor, that he is a terrible person, and that he is not smart.  All of these are the opposite of the truth.  Mitt Romney is a great man, a charitable man, a person who wants to make America a better place for all, and whose core philosophy is that to do so we need less government, great and accessible education, more freedom, less cronyism, and a reasonable and competitive tax system.

I was heartened the day after the debate as I listened to the President speak at an event, trying to recover from the loss.  His approach?  Continue telling lies about Romney, continue bashing him as a person.  Let’s hope he sticks with this, because the American people are now seeing through the falsehood.

Here’s another heartening thought for my Romney-supporting readers.  President Obama is a lightweight, a man with no serious accomplishments prior to the spell he cast in 2008.  And while he beat Hillary Clinton in the primary, think about it.  She was a lightweight too!  A former first lady and an attorney at the Rose Law Firm.  So Obama has never really debated or competed against someone who has been successful in the private sector.   Looking and sounding smarter than Hillary, competing against a fellow dishonest Democrat, was easy.  Competing against John McCain (and Sarah Palin) when you have a silver-tongue was easy.  But competing against the likes of a deeply experienced and successful private sector executive and former governor of Massachusetts is another story.

Romney is going to win.  Why?  Because he is by far the best man for the job.

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