Hillary: Accountability, Obama Style

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says “I take responsibility” for Libya.  Then the inevitable qualifier, which is essentially “I have to manage 60,000 State Department employees around the world and it’s an impossible task”.

This is so Obama-esque.  There is never any real accountability for the results of this administration’s actions, or in this case inaction.  There is always an explanation, always someone or something to blame, always a qualifier (First, a movie.  Now, the Department is too large).  In this case it’s her subtle reference to all the employees she has to manage around the world, how could she possibly protect just 4 of them when she has 60,000 to manage?  Well Secretary Clinton, please tell us how our previous State Departments have done so!  And are all 60,000 employees in a hotbed of Muslim unrest in a recently war-torn country?  How many of those 60,000 asked you (actually begged you) for more security?  How many were under a threat, determined in advance by our intelligence agencies, from Al Queada prior to an attack such as this?  And how many were in an attack which resulted in lies and obfuscation on Sunday morning talk shows and press briefings and in Congressional testimony?

If this was a Republican administration the press and the Democrats would have forced the resignation of the Secretary of State by now.  In fact, a Republican Secretary of State might have had the dignity to actually voluntarily resign as a result of this epic failure.  But since it’s a Democrat administration, the story lingers on page A7, or B5, or the 5th story CNN gets to during prime-time news, and the Secretary “accepts blame” with qualifiers excusing herself from that very blame. 

The attorney from the Rose Law Firm, and former First Lady made Secretary of State in consolation for leaving the race in 2008, continues to flounder in a job she wasn’t the least bit qualified for.  And Ambassador Stevens and 3 other brave Americans?  Well, they were qualified for their jobs, but tragically they are lost to their families, and to us. 



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One Response to Hillary: Accountability, Obama Style

  1. Bueti, Rick says:

    Dan, great post. The “fog of war” my ass. There’s a fog in her head.

    I was in Lange’s yesterday and saw a guy in there who’s there every time I’m in there. He’s a realtor, don’t know his name, but he’s “Mr. Chappaqua.” He was talking to two spinsters about how excited he was that Bill and Hillary showed up at an event on Saturday. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut.


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