Are Liberals Really Buying This???

The President is telling 3 huge lies that play to his favor. If this was my candidate, I would be ashamed.

The President is attempting to deceive the electorate on, among others, 3 huge issues as shown below. The first is the GM bankruptcy, the second is troops in Iraq, and the third is Benghazi.

1. GM Bankruptcy

The President is doing everything he can to make people believe that Mitt Romney proposed letting GM and Chrysler be liquidated. He uses the term “bankruptcy” to mean “eliminate”. This is not true of course, and in fact Mitt Romney was right last night when he pointed out that he too proposed in a New York Times editorial a form of government financing once established bankruptcy laws were executed (Obama challenged him on it, and Mitt said “when you check it you’ll see”. I checked it, Romney was right and Obama was wrong). But Obama delivers the deliberately deceitful view that Romney would have let these 2 companies go out of business completely. Clearly he wouldn’t have. Shame on you, Mr. President.

2. Troops in Iraq.

Last night Mitt Romney criticized President Obama for not reaching the final stage of a “status of forces” agreement with Iraq which would have left 5,000-20,000 troops on an American base in Iraq. Obama’s attempt, and then failure to achieve, the final status of forces agreement was a huge loss for America. To be clear, President Bush and President Obama and Mitt Romney and every competent Defense Department employee knew that an ongoing base in Iraq to provide security in the Middle East was a critical objective to achieve. Obama worked hard to achieve it, and he failed. How was that reflected in last night’s debate by Obama? That somehow Mitt Romney would, in essence, want our troops there in combat and that Romney wanted to in a sense “continue the war in Iraq” that Obama had ended. So he takes his own huge failing and tries to turn it into a negative for Romney. Shame on him again.

3. Benghazi and the assasination of Ambassador Stevens and 3 others.

In the second debate, President Obama essentially claimed he called the attack “terrorism” the day after it happened (this from Las Vegas where he was at a fundraiser, which he left for while he knew we were under attack). In a pre-prepared response for the debate, he feigned outrage that his administration would somehow skew the incident for political purposes. But the facts here are crystal clear, with no question about them: The President and his administration knowingly blamed a video for the attack, for more than 2 weeks, before finally being caught in their deceit and admitting it was a planned attack by Al Queada. They knew it was the day after it happened that it was a planned attack, maybe even the day of– and yet denied it for 2 weeks. The President, with a helping hand from liberal moderator and Obama co-debater Candy Crowley, turned his administration’s scandal into a negative for Romney, somehow giving the appearance that the President and his administration never blamed the video at all. And you can’t find this story near section A of any of the liberal newspapers in the country.

These pages have constantly pointed out that the President is the most comfortable “Liar in Chief” we have ever had. They roll off his tongue more easily than the truth. I can’t imagine that liberals are buying his lies and deceit, and I hope that the independents and undecideds do their due diligence and see through this terrible man’s plan.

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