Mr. President, Women Aren’t Stupid

As women switch to Romney in droves, Obama may realize his condescending under-estimation of women’s intelligence is backfiring.  The irony is that he claims to respect them yet campaigns for their vote as though they are naive and ignorant.  

President Obama’s support from women has plunged from a 16 point advantage to no advantage at all.  Why?  For several reasons, but most likely the primary reason is because he speaks to them as if they are children.  

Some examples:

1.  Women know that somehow they and their rights survived a more-conservative George W. Bush administration for 8 years.  How could they be going “back to the stone-age” with a more moderate Mitt Romney?

2.  They observe Mitt Romney and his extremely intelligent and accomplished wife, and wonder to themselves, “would she let her husband launch a war on women?”.

3.  When President Obama and his henchman throw around threats such as “your contraception is at risk”, they realize that what some Republicans disagreed on was forcing a Catholic institution to pay for contraception for their employees for birth control, rather than having them pay for it themselves if they chose to use it.  They realized this effected a very small number of women, for birth control only, and that it was a matter of religious freedom and it is not the least bit of a threat to contraception overall.  They also know that Sandra Fluke’s claim of having to pay $3,000 out of pocket per year for birth control was an outright lie and a distortion by 20x.

4.  When they see the President try to tie Todd Akin to Mitt Romney, they realize what a stretch he is willing to make in comparing apples to oranges, and Obama’s credibility goes out the window.

5.  Women, like many men, watched the debates.  In doing so, it caused them to see Mitt Romney for what he is, not what the President has depicted him to be.  And when they see this they think two things.  The first is they realize almost everything Obama has said about Romney is untrue.  The second is they realize he is a great man and as competent a person as they have ever seen running for office.

Open-minded and intelligent women don’t believe Romney will launch a “war” on them.  They don’t believe he’ll try to take away their contraception.  They don’t– even for a split second– believe Romney wants to outlaw abortion or force pregnant rape victims to have their babies.  And when someone tells them things they don’t believe, they wonder about that source, and how low that source would go to get their vote.


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2 Responses to Mr. President, Women Aren’t Stupid

  1. Steph says:

    I would like to know why whomever runs Romney’s official website has not included a “women’s rights” section, as Obama’s website has. Obama has a separate women’s issues page ( which makes it glaringly obvious that Romney does not, and the only mention of women’s issues on Romney’s entire website is his commitment to overturn Roe v. Wade, promote a pro-life agenda, etc. It is obvious to Romney supporters that he respects women’s issues based on the topics mentioned in this post, but for those on the fence or influenced by the media’s claims, Romney’s PR team is screwing up by not properly addressing their concerns.

    • vofreason says:

      Steph, I completely agree with you on this. The Republicans, and Mitt Romney, have done a terrible job of communicating with voters on this issue. Romney has let the Obama campaign define Romney’s position on women…and on several other major issues…and I believe that if Romney loses that we can attribute the loss to poor communication on such big issues that effect a large portion of our population (in this case, women). Thanks for the comment. Dan

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