A Campaign of Hate, Fear, and Falsehoods

President Obama is running the dirtiest, most dishonest, most intellectually vacuous campaigns we have ever seen.  From hope in 2008, to hate in 2012.

Messages from Obama to American voters about Mitt Romney and Republicans…:

1.  To the elderly, the Republicans don’t care about your healthcare, they would “throw you off the cliff”.

2.  Women, you are going to lose your access to contraception.

3.  Women, you are going to lose your abortion rights.

4.  Women, Mitt Romney and a majority of Republicans agree with Todd Akin.

5.  Women, if you are raped it is God’s will.

6.  African Americans, Republicans hate Obama because he is black.

7.  Doves, Romney will launch a war with Iran in his first 6 months.

8.  Republicans hate polar bears, love polluting the air with coal plants, and will build oil wells without regulation.

9.  Republicans want Wall Street to be unregulated.

10.  Republicans don’t want healthcare for the 30 million who don’t have it.

11.  Republicans want to send 12 million illegal immigrants to their home countries.

12.  Women, Republicans want you to make less money than men because you are, well, women.

13.  Kids, Republicans want your class sizes to expand.

14.  Republicans hate clean air and don’t want to expand the use of wind and solar power.

15.  Republicans love when college students graduate with the maximum debt amount possible.

16.  Mitt Romney and Republicans wanted GM and Chrysler to disappear. 

I could go on and on.  The amazing thing is, somewhere around 50 million voters buy this garbage. The purveyor of hope is now the purveyor of fear and falsehoods. 

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One Response to A Campaign of Hate, Fear, and Falsehoods

  1. Hubert says:

    In an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” roundtable discussion, well-known political commentator, Andrew Sullivan, stated: “If Virginia and Florida go back to the Republicans, it’s the confederacy, entirely. If you put the map of the civil war over this Electoral College map, you’ve got the civil war.”

    I will not speculate regarding Mr. Sullivan’s intentions, but such claims redirect attention from important political developments to irrelevant coincidences with implicit racial motivation.

    What Andrew Sullivan seems to ignore is the tremendous drop in support the president has sustained since his monumental 2008 victory. The fact is the President’s support, according to RealClearPolitics averages, in key swing states over the past 4 years has dropped over 9 points; these states include Michigan, Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nevada, none of which were confederate states.

    My question to Mr. Sullivan and anyone who accepts his remarks: is it more likely these one-time supporters suddenly became racist or is it possible they have stayed engaged and demand a different approach? And should the latter be the case, should not comments like Sullivan’s be seen as divisive racial dogma relying upon an unsurprising and circumstantial premise?

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