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A Photo for My Readers from Today’s New York Post


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1,281 Days Without a Federal Budget

Just a reminder.  And remember, Obama’s budgets were all rejected 90+ to zero by a Senate he has the majority in.  And for 2 of the 4 years, he had unprecedented majorities in both houses of Congress!

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A Litany of Broken Promises

Invest 15 minutes of your time in this video and you will understand the enormous magnitude of the failure of this President to meet his campaign promises.  Why will he be different in his 2nd term?

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Chatting with Liberals in a College Town

In the “Unicorn Cafe” in Evanston, Illinois, the VOR chats with an intelligent group of 5 liberals who have a completely inaccurate view of Romney and the majority of his supporters. I couldn’t resist jumping in on the conversation taking … Continue reading

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