Obama’s Games, with America Playing Along

With the nation facing the Fiscal Cliff, and a long-term fiscal disaster, the President focuses on perhaps the least impactful solution to the problem.

We are a nation running more than 1 trillion dollar in annual deficits for 4 years in a row.  We are $16 trillion in debt.  And what do the President and the press want to focus on?  Increasing taxes on wealthier Americans to raise up to $80-90 billion in new revenues a year.

I’m not saying taxes aren’t a fair issue to discuss, but since when does a $1 trillion plus problem get solved by raising $90 billion?  That leaves us $910 billion more a year to figure out! 

And yet all the President and his minions talk about are taxes on the wealthy.  And all the press writes about are taxes on the wealthy.  And all Americans seem to be talking about is raising taxes on the wealthy (or not). 

It is certainly a frightening way to start a 2nd term for President Obama.  We are hemorrhaging debt from our fiscal jugular primarily as a result of out-of-control entitlements, and the President is focused on a scrape on the knee. 

Will he ever get serious?  Will this President ever lead, or will he continue to play these games for 4 more years?


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One Response to Obama’s Games, with America Playing Along

  1. Bueti, Rick says:

    Dan, I couldn’t agree more. Obama, Pelosi, Geithner, Reid, etc. have been so successful with relentlessly beating the “pay your fair share” drum that simple minded people have become convinced that is the answer to all of our problems, when in reality $82 billion in additional “revenue” is a deck chair on the Titanic.

    Give Obama credit though, he used this class warfare, “blame the rich” tactic so well that it got him reelected while he has continued to completely ignore addressing his out of control spending. In the meantime, lower income people have become more dependent on government assistance and as Condi Rice says (I’ll paraphrase) “then they look around one day, realize they have no job, and they’re no where.”

    What a sad state of affairs this country has become.

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