Syria, Human Suffering, and America

How long will we allow innocent children, women, and men to be slaughtered in Syria?  With 30,000 dead so far and atrocities beyond our imagination, at what point will we intervene?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described an American “Red Line” for Syria’s Bashir Assad.  This line is at the use of chemical weapons.  What does this mean?  If they use chemical weapons, we will invade?  Or bomb? Create a no-fly zone?  Or send in special forces?  Well, it may just be typical Obama Administration empty rhetoric, or it may mean we really will do something.  After, of course, the death of 30,000 people thus far, and AFTER the use of chemical weapons which surely will kill tens of thousands more.

We have heard over and over again that Syria is “not in our interest” and that there is no reasonable way for the West to militarily engage the Syrian government.  Yet we are now saying we can, and will, if this Line is crossed?

Why wasn’t this line drawn at the point when we heard about Syrian government dismemberment of children in front of Syrian parents?  At the point where residential neighborhoods were being bombed indiscriminately? When the body parts of postal workers were being thrown off roofs by the Syrian military?  When thousands of women are being raped and beaten?

One must wonder what Assad and his henchman think as they watch Secretary Clinton sternly “warning” him about the use of chemical weapons.  My bet is his reaction is to laugh, lean over to one of his aides, and say, “how many warnings is that we’ve had from her so far?  10?  Those Americans, always talking, never doing.”

Chemical weapons or not, it is time to rally the free world to end this horrifying situation.  And if the free world won’t do it, we should do it ourselves.

“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke)

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One Response to Syria, Human Suffering, and America

  1. Bueti, Rick says:

    Amazing. Time for you to run for office.

    Rick Bueti

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