Newtown: Stop the Coverage Now

Let the families of Newtown grieve without the swarming media and the voyeuristic eyes of the world.

We understand the bulk of what happened in the unthinkable tragedy in Newtown.  There is nothing time-sensitive about the rest of the details, and in fact arguably none of us really need to know as much as we already do.  Let’s stop broadcasting, and let’s stop watching.  

The families and citizens of Newtown need to begin a healing process.  Nothing is more important than that right now.  Nothing.  The insertion of the mass media and our watching doesn’t do a thing to help with that process, and in fact is likely an inhibitor.

There will be a time when those who are interested can read the details of what happened.  There will be a time to talk about our loose gun laws, our culture of violence, the effect of brutal video games and movies, and how we identify potential killers like this one before they strike.  But for now, leave these devastated people alone.  


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