Hillary Should Resign

On her watch, a totally preventable debacle took place resulting in the deaths of an Ambassador and 3 other Americans.

I know this is a controversial headline because for some completely inexplicable reason, Hillary Clinton is an enormously popular Secretary of State with the American people.  Whenever I engage with someone who feels this way about her, they cannot provide a single substantive reason why they think she’s so good, which is telling.

But let’s get to the point.  The Benghazi deaths were tragic, and they included an American Ambassador, which in our government hierarchy is equivalent to having a member of the Cabinet or Congress assassinated.  They were also totally preventable, and the highest levels of the State Department, including the Secretary, must have been informed of the constant requests for additional security for our diplomats in Libya.  These requests, nearly totally unfulfilled, were mostly denied.  A new non-partisan government report clearly states this to be true and describes an incredible level of incompetence.

Conveniently Secretary Clinton is unavailable to testify on Benghazi before Congress this week as she was scheduled to do.  Clearly Secretary Clinton is running the 4-corners in order to avoid any accountability for her role and lack of leadership, and for the subsequent cover up that is still playing itself out.  She hopes to complete her term without ever facing the music, and the Republicans should use every method possible to ensure she doesn’t get away with this.  Officials in either political party must be held accountable, must not be allowed to bob and weave and stall and cover up.

Lastly, I’ll say this.  Imagine what the left and the press would be saying if this was a Republican administration.  They would be screaming from the rooftops for the Secretary of State to resign.  But because it’s one of theirs, all we hear are crickets, and all we’ll see are probably a few lower-level symbolic resignations.  To imagine further, what if it was not only a Republican administration; imagine if the Secretary of State was Condoleeza Rice.  And the Democrats called for her resignation.  Following Democrat and Press approaches to such things, would those Democrats calling for Condi’s resignation be racists and misogynists?

Hillary should resign, but unfortunately she will not.  And we’ll see her again in 2016.

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2 Responses to Hillary Should Resign

  1. Bueti, Rick says:

    Dan, great post.

    As discussed, as soon as it was disclosed that Hillary had a “concussion” I threw up my hands thinking her timing was excellent. What a scam and a double standard. She needs to go, now!

    PS: Thinking about creating a new bumper sticker and throwing it on my car to annoy all of the women in Chappaqua who are so enamored with Hillary, but can’t articulate why: “Hillary 2024”

  2. Al Yerks says:

    Well said and spot on Dan! We can only long for the days when American statesmen ruled the hallowed halls of government and resigned when their actions would cause the nation embarrassment or harm if they continued. With the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and his esteemed cabinet, the word shameless has been the definitive adjective that has crossed my lips all too often.

    Hey Dan & Rick, maybe we should just put the crazy politics off to the side for a bit and go hit some “LINE-O’s”

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