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What Has Hillary Clinton Done?

It seems everyone loves Hillary Clinton and lauds her work as Secretary of State.  Ask them her accomplishments?  All you hear are crickets. For those who watched the Benghazi hearings, you were treated to Senator after Senator preceding their questions … Continue reading

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The Problem in One Graphic

The President spent the last 18 months talking about the light blue portion of this graph, and was even elected on it. Now that that’s out of the way, can we get around to addressing the real problem?

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They Just Can’t Stop Spending

If we let them, our governments will spend us into oblivion.  We must stop them.  America’s very future is at stake. Observe any news outlet (other than Fox) and you will hear the Republicans being slammed as obstructionists who care … Continue reading

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Throwing $30 billion at a $1.3 Trillion Problem

Well, the President “won”.  We now have approximately $30 billion more in net revenue to offset a $1.3 trillion deficit in 2013.  America, wake up! In his editorial in the New York Times today, David Brooks blames the American people … Continue reading

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