Throwing $30 billion at a $1.3 Trillion Problem

Well, the President “won”.  We now have approximately $30 billion more in net revenue to offset a $1.3 trillion deficit in 2013.  America, wake up!

In his editorial in the New York Times today, David Brooks blames the American people for the truly threatening financial situation we are in, made far worse by yesterday’s agreement in the Senate (yet to be approved in the House) to avoid the fiscal cliff.  His point, in summary, is that Americans are demanding that government continue to provide benefits that cause us to spend more at the expense of our nation’s future and future generations.

Brooks is correct, Americans do demand this.  But that doesn’t mean our “leaders” should give that to them.  This is what leaders are for, this is what they do, this is what we depend on them for.  It is there job to take us where we need to go, not necessarily where we want to go.  It is there job to tell us why it is important to do something differently than we have, or than we think we need to.  They need to inform us, persuade us, and make hard decisions to help us get to the best possible place.  Unfortunately there is not a leader in sight in Washington today. 

Let’s start at the top, where we should expect the most leadership and where we get the least.  President Obama has said barely a word about the precipice upon which we sit (not the cliff;  the precipice of a crushing debt that if not stemmed will destroy America).  Instead he campaigned on class warfare, won with it, and kept on campaigning on it even after he was elected.  We face a “Moment of Truth” as his own deficit commission stated, and all we got was a game of 5-card Monte from a demagogue of a President who is allergic to truth and reality.

From the Congress, we call Harry Reid and John Boehner “leaders”.  Have you ever read a John Maxwell book on leadership?  If you have I challenge you to show me one single characteristic these two have that qualifies them to call themselves “leaders”.  Boehner cannot inspire a consensus from his own party, and expecting leadership from Harry “the Iraq war is lost” Reid is like expecting my German Shepherd to lead the Senate. 

And so here we are.  The left will celebrate how they “stuck it to the rich”.  It is a Pyrrhic victory that accomplishes literally nothing except potentially inhibits recovery.  The spending will continue.  The debt will pile up.  The President will claim victory.  And America will continue down a path towards fiscal destruction.  $30 billion against $1.3 trillion. God help us.  




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3 Responses to Throwing $30 billion at a $1.3 Trillion Problem

  1. ezekiel856 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly and believe in the importance of all these key points (and am amazed you are one of the only ones raising them) except for one thing: I think we are underestimating the leadership potential of certain German Shepherds

  2. Christina says:

    Great post. Sad thing is you are right.

  3. Drew McFadden says:

    Amen and Amen. and when they hit the next debt ceiling he will insist on more revenue. and this is a “balanced approach”. I dont understand how our democrat neighbors can support this idiocy.

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