They Just Can’t Stop Spending

If we let them, our governments will spend us into oblivion.  We must stop them.  America’s very future is at stake.

Observe any news outlet (other than Fox) and you will hear the Republicans being slammed as obstructionists who care little about the middle and lower classes (particularly in regards to their fiscal cliff obstinance).  Spend time climbing into this more deeply and you will see that many of these Republicans are our only defense from a spending sickness that will destroy our country if it continues much longer.  Leave it to the liberal media to turn heroes into villains, and villains into heroes.

If we citizens do not start making the connection between what our governments spend, and what they take in, we will have no one to blame but ourselves for the devastating results on our next generation.  Every time we talk about a cut or a reduction in spending, there is a liberal standing by to tell you why you can’t take such an action, and why the consequences are unbearable.  The big problem is, they can’t possibly tell you how to pay for all they support except through ridiculous assertions (similar to those Obama has made for 18 months now) that we should “tax the rich”.  Well, we saw how that one went, Obama got almost all the tax increases he sought, and it won’t make even a dent in our debt, and considered as a whole will likely add to our deficits over time.

At best, the recent agreement in Congress will generate $30 billion in additional revenues annually, against greater than $1 trillion annual deficits.

Americans must– MUST– start making the connection between the money we spend and the money we have.  It’s a simple exercise that every responsible family does, budgeting expenditures with income and savings.  If we don’t start making these connections when it comes to our governments, we will continue on the same death march we are on today (even after “taxing the rich”).

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