What Has Hillary Clinton Done?

It seems everyone loves Hillary Clinton and lauds her work as Secretary of State.  Ask them her accomplishments?  All you hear are crickets.

For those who watched the Benghazi hearings, you were treated to Senator after Senator preceding their questions with compliments such as “you’ve traveled millions of miles for this country”, “you are a patriot”, and “we appreciate your sacrifice”.  This is classic government perspective, confusing “motion” with “progress”.

What have Secretary Clinton’s results been?  How are we doing diplomatically and how much progress have we made internationally?  Think about it, where are we better off?  Egypt?  Israel/Arab peace?  North Korea?  North Africa?  Iran?  Libya?  Iraq (where we failed to get a status of forces agreement, essentially turning a W into an L)?  Afghanistan?  Russia?  China?  Please, name for me a success of Hillary Clinton and the diplomatic corps she manages?

I can certainly name huge failures.  Egypt is one, and Iran is another.  Libya, and particularly in Benghazi, she failed miserably.  Her testimony last week, for anyone who paid close attention, was atrocious as was the behavior of Democrat questioners who put accountability for the deaths of 4 Americans second to promoting Hillary for President.  Her testimony was really a metaphor of her tenure as Secretary of State- dramatic but void of any meaningful content or explanation. 

We need to start thinking more deeply in this country about who we put into positions of responsibility, and how we measure them.  We shouldn’t accept “miles traveled” as a success, we shouldn’t make “excellent public speaking skills” a qualification for President as we did with Obama.  We should seek substance, depth of experience, measurable results, and accountability.  On each of these important fronts, Hillary Clinton has been a miserable Secretary of State.


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