Fleeing to a Government Job

A productive, successful worker leaves the private sector for Nirvana:  A government job.

He was my contractor’s favorite employee for 12 years, a licensed electrician and plumber who did the highest quality of work.  Today he informed his boss that he was leaving him for a government job where the benefits were too rich to turn down, the retirement unbeatable.

This is what it has come to in America.  The best place to be employed– best pay, best health benefits, best retirement plan, most job security, and least hours to work– is in a government job.  This is liberal America under the Democrats and Barack Obama.

Dave (name changed for anonymity) worked 50 hours or more a week in his job, he was great at it and he loved it.  But he has children and a family, and retirement to think about.  His employer paid him well for his work, was understanding of his family obligations, and treated Dave with respect.  It was an emotional parting, but Dave told his boss essentially: “I can’t turn this down.  The salary is slightly less, but with the benefits it is far more than I’m making today.  And I’ll work many less hours, and will have less pressure on me.  If I work more than 36 hours a week, I’ll get overtime.  In fact, even if I work 30 minutes of overtime, I get paid double-time for 2 hours.  And if I put in the right number of years, I won’t have to save anything for retirement like I do now, it will all be provided for me, including lifetime fully paid health care”.

And so America goes. 



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One Response to Fleeing to a Government Job

  1. WILL FRIS says:

    Sad and very true

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