Obama’s Tax and Energy Policies Come Crashing Down

As class warfare supporters cheered getting the “rich”,  the President slipped in a tax increase on all Americans who work.  The results are coming in, and they are ugly.

It is often argued that a President’s actions have little direct effect on daily life in America.  The impact of this President’s actions are crystal clear for all of us to see.  His tax increase on 70% of Americans crushed spending in the very quarter in which it was implemented, his energy policies have the price at the pump at an all time high (is he finally getting his way, pushing gas prices up to those of Europe?), and Obamacare is on the verge of forcing tens of millions of Americans thrown off of the health care plans the President explicitly stated they would be able to keep.  Thank you, liberal America, for continuing the reign of the worst President of our lifetimes.

It was almost comical for me to observe liberals after Obama signed the latest tax increase.  Obama fulfilled his pledge to tax evil rich people who dared making a profit and whom he depicted (dishonestly) as paying less tax than their secretaries.  But a funny thing happened at the same time, and seemingly none of them noticed- taxes also increased on 70% of Americans. 

The effect of raising taxes on high earners, and raising taxes on all earners through the payroll tax, is just showing its impact.  See the retail estimates for the month and quarter plunge, see the real unemployment rate continue to rise, and observe the dramatic increase in “part time” employment at the expense of “full time” employment.  We are seeing what pragmatic conservatives have argued all along;  that higher taxes generate less tax revenue than reasonable lower ones, and higher taxes on income decrease spending– having the impact of lowering employment, lessining economic growth, and in the end less revenue for the government to boot. 

On energy, we are failing to open Federal lands for drilling, and the President still stubbornly and totally unreasonably refuses to allow the building of the XL pipeline from Canada.  His energy secretary did say “we need to get gas prices higher, like those in Europe”.  Now if you think that was a misstatement, I suggest you stop by Starbucks for a triple latte.  Clearly the Obama wants to increase use of green energy (which is good), but clearly he also silently celebrates, as do other rich liberals, the increase in gas prices so as to discourage use of fossil fuels.  The impact of such high gas prices (I paid $4.75 a gallon this morning) is to consume discretionary income, and downstream to lessen economic growth, employment, and tax revenues.  Worse, lower income Americans whom the President is supposedly in favor of helping, wonder how to pay their heating bills.  They keep their thermostats at 62 degrees, they walk to the bus and stand out in the cold, and they purchase less food for their families.

Will the President wake up?  Will liberals learn?  Or are we on the verge of turning our country towards a European socialist model where the talking points on helping those in need resonate, even as the policies push those in need into worse situations.




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