Oscar’s Lowest of Low

Michelle Obama would never have been asked to award Best Picture to Zero Dark Thirty.

And so the extreme liberals at the Motion Picture Academy have completed their revenge on Kathryn Bigelow for making a riveting movie about the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  Not only did they award the Best Picture prize to a clearly inferior movie, they did so with none other than the beloved First Lady doing the presentation.  Bigelow must have known as soon as Michelle walked out that she had lost a chance at her second Best Picture Oscar.

And why?  Could anyone imagine Ms. Obama handing the trophy to a woman who pointed out that, despite her husband’s outrageous politicization of the CIA and our interrogation methods (so that he could get elected), that enhanced interrogation generated results that increased our security and helped lead to Bin Ladin’s killing?  To a woman that pointed out that our very effective detention methods (including black sites) were being “shut down” by the new President?  That heroic CIA agents believed, with reason, that they might face prosecution for having carried out authorized acts to increase our security?  That it took her husband more than 130 days (as Myra highlights daily in red marker on her boss’ glass window), once Bin Laden’s hideout was known, to make the decision to go get him? 

No way Michelle Obama gives that award.  It was “something other than Zero Dark Thirty” once she took the stage.

Which brings us to another issue.  Early in the show we are presented with 2 perfectly suited PriceWaterhouseCoopers executives walking into the show with sealed brief cases containing the award letters.  No one has seen them except a few PWC auditors, and they are under seal until opened on stage live.  But now we know even this is just more show-business.  Because there is no way Michelle Obama agrees on presenting the Oscar without knowing she is not presenting it to the enemy of the left, Kathryn Bigelow (who is, in fact, a liberal who shamefully likes to make movies as truthful as she can even if they conflict with her point of view).

Argo was a very good movie.  It was a story most of us who lived through those Iranian hostage days didn’t even know about.  But Zero Dark Thirty was riveting from start to finish, and even knowing the outcome everyone is on the edge of their seats– for most of the movie.  The acting was far better in ZDT (just consider the stars of each, Ben Affleck vs. Jessica Chastain!).  The directing?  Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) vs. Ben Affleck (The Town, Gone Baby Gone???).  The magnitude of the subject matter: killing Bin Laden whose work killed tens of thousands of people,  vs. the escape of 6 hostages from Iran?

Shame on the Academy.  But then, what do we expect from Hollywood and their distorted culture and world view?  We were reminded last night that they make great movies in Hollywood, but also that they are agents of the left who can’t get past their subjectivity to be objective, even on their biggest night of the year.  

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