Sequester Fun Facts

For instance, after the sequester cuts the Federal budget will still be larger this year than it was last year.

There is much the American people don’t know about the Sequester because so many aren’t paying attention except for the headlines, and anyone laying primary blame on Republicans is missing the most important part of the story.  Here are a few key facts about the Sequester:

1.  The Sequester was the President’s idea, as was confirmed by Bob Woodward (no friend of the right is Bob) in his editorial in the Washington Post.  The President, caught in yet another lie when he denied being its originator.

2.  The Sequester cuts government spending this fiscal year by less than the revenues that will be raised from the recent Obama tax increase.  We will spend $14 billion more this year than last year even under the Sequester.

3.  The President can make the effects of the Sequester almost imperceptible by allowing government agencies more flexibility in how they apply the reductions.  The President has not done so.  Does anyone wonder why?  How about this:  because if the Sequester happens, and it hurts, he believes he’ll win politically with the American people.  Very nice.

4.  There have been multiple reports of teacher layoffs and Head Start programs being closed as a result of the Sequester.  These have all proven to be false, and in one case even the Secretary of Education was caught lying about this (or was he just mistaken?).

5.  The House of Representatives has passed 2 bills to resolve the Sequester crisis.  The Senate, controlled by Democrats, refuses to consider the bills.  The President supports the Senate and refuses to push the bills.  Care to guess why again?

6.  The President has likely spent 100x more time scaring the American people on the Sequester than he has getting involved in the negotiations and developing a resolution.

7.  We had the Sequester (and other budget crisis elements) resolved in 2012 when the President and the Speaker of the House SHOOK HANDS on a deal that raised $400 billion in revenue and also provided significant spending reductions.  2 days after making this deal, the President reneged on the deal and went back on his word.  All crises since then resulted from that event.

8.  The President has been trumpeting the disaster the Sequester would be for the last 2 weeks.  Last night he made the statement “a lot of people may not notice the effects of the Sequester”.  Hmmm.

9.  The President didn’t send the aircraft carrier Truman to the Persian Gulf because, he says, of the anticipated impact of the Sequester.  What?  The Commander-in-Chief thinks we need an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and he’s not sending it because of a concept called Sequester?

Just keep in mind the President can resolve this, or at least minimize the effects of it.  He has chosen not to.

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2 Responses to Sequester Fun Facts

  1. Bueti, Rick says:

    Here’s the good news on this….only 999 more days until this jackass is out of office.

  2. Hubert Papes says:

    I can’t go on record as being critical of the WH on the sequester cuts, they might call me and tell me I’ll regret it! But in all seriousness, how insulting is it to be told that $85 B is going to lead to the collapse of the “economic recovery” AND force the retreat of our carriers from vital international waters? I know the president loves political brinksmanship, but what rational voter would let him get away with this?

    My real question is why the HoR has not passed a sequester plan this session even if its the same one as previous? It seems that the 2 they’ve passed is a great argument against the democrats but they’re practically irrelevant now that the new session has started.

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