President Obama, I Care About Poor People As Much Or More Than You!

I am sick and tired of my President telling me and the world that I am greedy and heartless.

To believe the President, and so many do, people like me don’t care about the poor, the elderly, the sick, and our environment.  By his depiction, all I care about is making and keeping as much as money as I can, and that if children go hungry, so be it.  This could not be further from the truth.

For those of you on the left who believe the President, you are patently wrong.  And shame on you for accepting his charlatan rhetoric.  For those of you on the left who do not believe him, how is it that you can continue to support a man who says such horrible things about half the people in our country, knowing that it is wrong and untrue?

During the 2012 Presidential campaign, the candidate with class (Mitt Romney) and at least some morality standard for his campaign would say, in essence, “The President is a good person, he has tried his policies, and they have failed.  From a human perspective, we generally agree on the outcomes we want to see, but differ greatly on how to achieve such outcomes”.  The President, in turn, depicted the man who donates 30% of his income to charity and is a renowned humanitarian as a greedy, heartless capitalist with no regard for anyone else’s well being. 

But it wasn’t just Mitt Romney he depicted that way, and it wasn’t just during his campaign.  For 5 years now, those of us with more conservative views have been bashed, insulted, maligned, and destroyed by the President.  Many of us, I might add, who provide 85% of the money that runs this country, our states, and our towns through our tax payments.

The President shuts down voucher programs in DC schools.  Does that show he cares about poor people?  Has anyone watched scenes from or the full movies of “Waiting for Superman” or “The Lottery”?  Heartless as I am, I watch just the TRAILER and I’m in tears for those poor children whose fate is cast in such lotteries, 98% of them condemned to a life of poverty or imprisonment.  So where do these tears come from given what a cold-hearted person I am Mr. President?  If I had my way, all of those children would have an equal shot at an outstanding eduction.  But we don’t have it my way, we have it yours, and the suffering and cycle of poverty continues. 

We conservatives want poor children to have equal chances just as much as Democrats.  We want a safe and clean environment, we want the elderly cared for, we want the poor and unemployed to be uplifted to better situations.  We want to be safe from terrorism, and we want our nation to hold high moral standards, and we support the need for and role of government in many facets of our society. 

Where we disagree is how to achieve these outcomes.  Poor children don’t get uplifted by perpetual handouts and negative incentives.  They don’t get educated by being forced into failing schools just to protect teacher’s union interests.  The elderly don’t get care on a sustained basis when Medicare runs out of money, or retirement payments when Social Security goes bankrupt.  The unemployed don’t get jobs when they can make as much or more money on a sustained basis from unemployment checks.  The nation isn’t safe when we can’t take certain carefully measured steps to ensure we extract critical information from terrorists.  And the environment is not best protected when we don’t build the XL Pipeline or drill here at home with our strict environmental standards, and instead get our oil from countries like Nigeria where there are almost no standards– and then have that oil shipped over seas to us, at risk the entire way.  This is not to mention supporting despotic governments and leaders with all that oil money, and forgo the jobs and tax revenues that could be generated here at home.  And finally, on taxes, we know that those who earn the most must carry the majority share of the burden, and go above and beyond.  But that there are certain tipping points where tax rates become unfair, disincenting, create dependencies, and worst of all hamper economic growth (which drives employment and increased incomes across the country), hurting everyone rich and poor. 

Lately I have found myself surly about politics, and at times even angry.  I bristle when talking with liberals, and I wonder why my conversations with them drive me more crazy then ever before.  I’ve come to a conclusion.  Most liberals believe the worst of me and my fellow conservatives.  They BELIEVE it.  Not even the PRESIDENT believes it, he just says it because he knows his liberal followers will believe it!  Think of that irony.

I think that most liberals are generally misguided.  They want to help, but many of the policies they support actually hurt, in fact doom, the very causes they claim to support.  Not because they want to hurt people, but because in the effort to help their policies create an opposite effect.  What would most liberals in the Obama era say about conservatives?  That we are greedy and heartless.  They are wrong, and I’m deeply insulted by such beliefs.

The interesting thing is that under other Presidents during my lifetime, both Democrat and Republican, the concept of “we agree on the outcomes but differ on the means” has ruled the day.  Yes politics was emotional and fierce and very ugly at times, but for the most part people believed in the good will of the other side.  Under this President, we are off those charts.  We are in the most divisive, hateful period in our history.  Fully half of us are insulted regularly by our President, and he openly expresses disdain for us EVERY DAY, and he lies about us.  When in our history have we seen such a thing?

This must stop.   I’ve lost hope that the President will ever be anything but a charlatan because of the gains it has earned for him, but my hope is that the majority of liberals in our country will open their minds and see us for what we are. 




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4 Responses to President Obama, I Care About Poor People As Much Or More Than You!

  1. Michael says:

    I agree that Obama has done a horrible job of making his case. I cringe every time I hear him say that the rich need to pay “their fair share”. Instead, he should explain how the low tax / anti-union environment we’ve had since the 1980s has hurt the economy. It’s time to dial those supply-side policies back. We have a demand-side problem now.

  2. drew says:

    .”..but my hope is that the majority of liberals in our country will open their minds and see us for what we are. ”
    And what he is.

  3. WILL FRIS says:

    I guess because I tithe and help with inner city school programs along with Junior Achievement I must want to take advantage of the poor as the greedy conservative I am.

  4. Bueti, Rick says:

    Dan, fantastic. However, you are never going to change the minds of the liberals who have their Messiah in the White House. They will buy whatever this guy says.

    Did you see the story that the white house has suspended tours with a voicemail greeting that says “due to the sequester cutbacks….” , yet the tours are conducted entirely by volunteers, so the sequester had no impact on the tours? This is Barack playing politics at his worst, now all of the liberals who want to visit the white house can blame republicans for the cancelled tours, when it was Barack who dreamed up the sequester in the first place.

    PS: What is the story with Callies?

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