The Test of Our Nation

President Obama is playing despicable games with the sequester assuming the people of his nation are ignorant of the facts.  Is he right?

We all heard the dire warnings from the President prior to the sequester.  In fact, we couldn’t have missed those warnings because the President, rather than staying in Washington and working on solving the problem, went on a campaign swing throughout the country condemning Republicans for the trauma that would hit the country at midnight a month in advance of the sequester.  

Liberals blindly supported him, as usual.  Conservatives protested and gave more complex arguments, but of course no one listened or took the time to understand these arguments, especially the press and major media.

As midnight approached, the President softened his stance because he knew now that the sequester would actually kick in, and that he had lied about the extreme effects it would have.  “Well, maybe it won’t hit us right away”, and “these things will effect us over time, not immediately”, blah blah blah.  And again, liberals supported him and said “of course, whatever he said is true!”, and conservatives said “that’s not what he’s been saying the last 6 months!”.  No one listened to the conservatives.  

But then it happened.  Midnight passed.  And the next morning, everything was as it was 24 hours earlier.  

Now, anyone with an economics or business background, even a liberal with such a background, would know that a current year budget reduction that actually still resulted in increased spending versus the previous year, is totally manageable.  Make that the challenge of any business leader anywhere and they will grin at the ease of it.  “Is that all you are asking of me?” they will think.  They will know they can manage it, perhaps with consequences but those consequences can easily be hidden from “customers” and in this case “citizens”, but that it will take leadership.  Some leaders would embrace it as a way to become more efficient and solve other problems.  It’s a challenge I could give any 1st line manager in any company I have been in, and they would succeed.

Not with this President.  He decides, for political reasons and ignoring the consequences, to handle it differently.  First, he rejects the offered “flexibility” to move cuts around to less critical areas so that he can claim (assuming again that we are not paying attention, and that liberals will bow at his every word) that conservatives are destructive.  

Next, he closes the White House for tours.  Closes the White House for tours!  Tens of thousands of school children locked out of long-planned trips, tourists from all over the world blocked in their dream of seeing the great White House during the stay in Washington they’ve been saving for for 5 years.  And what does the media do?  Yawn.  What do liberals do?  Rationalize (in the most irrational way).  And conservatives?  They scream about how ridiculous, vindictive, unnecessary, and political the decision is.  But no one hears.  Hmmm, so far the President’s bet that this country is not paying attention is right on.  A lesson he learned last November perhaps?

And now it’s time to crank up the pressure.  Big time.  How?  The FAA.  Air traffic controllers.  Aviation safety.  What a golden nugget for a President without a conscience.

Today flights were delayed at several airports due to “sequester cuts”.  Expect them to ramp up.  Expect them to become unbearable over time.  And the question is, what should we expect from the American people?  To see through the sham and game this charlatan in the White House is playing?  Or to blame Republicans and allow Obama and the Democrats to win back the House and control both houses of Congress?

Liberals, he is betting your are blind supporters who doesn’t think.  Or, frankly, that you are stupid.  Conservatives, he is expecting you not to be heard because he “owns” CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, the New York Times, the BBC, and almost every single major media outlet in the civilized world.

Don’t let him get away with this.  Reject this cynical view of you.  Reject this disrespectful way in which he looks at us all.  Demand that he lead, and if he does not hold him and his fellow Democrats accountable in November of 2014.

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2 Responses to The Test of Our Nation

  1. WILL FRIS says:

    A “2%” cut is totally manageable unless you are a liberal

  2. John Goetz says:

    Not really a cut, but a decrease in growth rate. The base spending remains higher than the prior fiscal year.

    Think of it this way. You get a 1% pay raise instead of the expected 3%. If you are the FAA, you will cut food from the budget to “make ends meet”. That way you can afford higher greens fees for the golf you had planned for the summer.

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