President Romney? What If We Knew Then What We Know Now?

If independent voters who barely decided to vote for Obama knew what we know now and should have known then, would Obama have been re-elected?

It’s a fair question.  First, what would American voters have thought if they knew not only that Benghazi was a planned terrorist attack, but if they also knew that the President and his administration clearly lied to hide this and other facts?  Includingly, knowingly, lying at memorial services for our Ambassador?  Second, what if voters knew that there was a Special Forces unit about to depart Tripoli for Benghazi when, for reasons likely Obama re-election related, they were told to stand down?  That we left an ambassador and 3 other Americans to die for reasons never explained?

Or how about this.  What if they were told that the IRS was being used to suppress Republican fund raising, and to accelerate and encourage Democrat fund raising, for more than a year?  Add to that this likely delayed or stopped millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, of legitimately raised campaign donations from flowing to Romney and other Republicans?

There is more.  What if independent and undecided voters knew that the Obama administration had been spying on reporters at the AP and Fox News (including their personal emails, parent’s and grandparent’s emails and phones, etc?)?  I know, I know, Democrats don’t care about this because it was their guy doing the spying, and it involved Fox News so Democrats didn’t care about that either, but independent voters surely would have been outraged if they knew such things were happening.

All of the information I described above was available in November last year, but the corrupt Obama Administration suppressed it all until well after November.  They rightly calculated that they could keep these issues a secret past the election, win, and then that their friends in the press would help them through once the full stories broke.  Sadly, they were right.

While we don’t hear from them much on the news,  I believe there are 15-20 million Americans who were truly torn on who to vote for last November, and too many hesitently pulled the switch for Obama for Romney to pull off the win.  If people knew the extent of Obama administration corruption, incompetency, and the willingness to lie and decieve, they would have voted the other way.  And today we would be in the hands of a legitimate President Romney, instead of a questionably legitimate President Obama. 

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