Why Hillary in 2016?

Can anyone help me understand what results Hillary has achieved that qualify her for President of the United States?

Pop quiz:  Name 5 substantive things Hillary Clinton has accomplished as a Secretary of State or Senator.  Can you?  A bill with her name on it?  An international situation in which she led a transformation?  Something?  Anything?  Bueller? 

I didn’t think so. 

And yet the Democrats have her lined up to be their candidate in 2016.  Have they, and we, not learned that a candidate with minimal accomplishments will only fail in the most powerful position in the world? 



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6 Responses to Why Hillary in 2016?

  1. morepars says:

    Is there a female that you would say is qualified to be President in 2016 if not Hillary? Please give us your choices both on the Republican and the Democratic sides of the aisle of candidates that you feel are qualified for the office. Thank you!

    • vofreason says:

      Matt, not that I would vote for every one of these women, but they are all arguably qualified. This is not a comprehensive list but gives you an idea:

      1. Condoleeza Rice
      2. Madeline Albright
      3. Mary Landrieu
      4. Diane Feinstein
      5. Meg Whitman
      6. Kay Bailey Hutchinson
      7. Christine Todd Whitman
      8. Elaine Chao
      9. Elizabeth Dole
      10. Ginny Rometty

  2. Bueti, Rick says:

    Bueller! LOL.

  3. drew says:

    Freudian slip in there, my guru. check it out.
    Next post maybe you can list all her failures…if you have the time and energy.

  4. Matt K says:

    Crickets over here….

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