The Sad Case of Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman was rightly exonerated yesterday, but it’s nothing to celebrate no matter which side you believed.

George Zimmerman is free, and Trayvon Martin is dead.  George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.  There seems to be an injustice in this that is difficult for all of us to reconcile no matter which side of the case you supported.  However, any reasonable person who understands the detailed circumstances of this case cannot possibly argue there was a fair verdict under our laws other than “not guilty”.   Sadly, so many people don’t understand the detailed circumstances and are either forming uninformed conclusions, or exploiting the verdict for their own political agenda.

The worst of this will appear over the next few days.  Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and many other “civil rights advocates” will twist this case into something it was not, and will cause at least consternation, at worst violence and death, for no reason at all other than their own benefit. 

Race was never a true factor in this case, and any implication that it was is simply a media creation or the imagination of uninformed onlookers.  Every allusion to race in the early reporting was proven false, but the falsity lingered in the minds of those who chose to let it.  One of the most amazing transformations the media performed was to turn George Zimmerman, who under other circumstances would be defined as a “hispanic male”, somehow became a “white male”.  This fit the media and civil rights agenda best, “white male shoots black male”.  

Trayvon Martin doesn’t sound like a model citizen, and several things about George Zimmerman and his actions trouble me as well.  But there is no compelling evidence that Zimmerman meant to shoot Martin, or that prejudice drove Zimmerman’s actions.  This is a case that we should all shake our heads at and move on from, disappointed that it ever had to happen.  And the civil rights crowd should shut their mouths on this one and take up a cause that doesn’t damage their credibility even further with the American public.  There are enough real cases of racial discrimination for them to take up other than this.





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2 Responses to The Sad Case of Trayvon Martin

  1. will fris says:


  2. Bueti, Rick says:

    Dan, excellent.

    If you get a chance, watch the interview with Zimmerman’s brother on Piers Morgan from Saturday night. Zimmerman’s brother took Piers apart, piece by piece. It was one of the best dismantling’s of a “professional” journalist I’ve seen.

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