“Stand Your Ground” Had NOTHING To Do With This Verdict

Eric Holder, the sleaziest Attorney General in modern history, blasts “Stand Your Ground” knowing that it had nothing to do with this case or verdict. Why is this administration so full of charlatans?

Just imagine that everything that took place in Florida over the last 18 months took place in New York instead. New York has no “Stand Your Ground” laws. Would the verdict have been different? Let’s consider this prospect.

The jury saw this case in light of the evidence presented, and that evidence is summarized as follows: George Zimmerman, the elected head of his Neighborhood Watch program, saw a person (race unknown) walking through his neighborhood suspiciously. Knowing there had been 420 occasions in the previous 12 months that the police had been called to this gated community of 250 homes, that there had been 8 burglaries in that same timeframe, as well as 3 thefts and 1 shooting, Zimmerman was right to be vigilant. He called 911. The 911 operator said the police were on their way. Martin saw Zimmerman, and Martin ran. Now being very confident that this was a likely criminal, and knowing it would take time for the police to arrive, Zimmerman decided to follow Martin. Zimmerman told the 911 operator he was going to do so, and the operator (NOT the police), told him “you don’t need to do that sir”. But Zimmerman did it anyway, likely for just the reason he said to the operator: “These a&^% (no allusion to race) always get away”. This was all recorded and the transcripts were available for the jury as they are for all of us.

From here we (and the jury) are left with only the following evidence:

1. George Zimmerman says he couldn’t find Martin, and as he was returning to his vehicle Martin jumped him, forced him to the ground, and was beating him.

2. An eyewitness said that Martin was straddling Zimmerman and beating him on the face and slamming his head against concrete.

3. One witness says Martin was crying for help, but MARTIN’S FATHER and multiple witnesses say it was Zimmerman who was crying for help.

4. George Zimmerman had a bloodied back of his head, and a bloody if not broken nose (since the nose is cartilage and skin, you don’t x-ray for a broken nose).

5. Trayvon Martin had bruises and cuts on his fist, but no other injuries. Except of course, sadly, the gunshot wound that killed him. A gunshot wound that the forensic expert said was consistent with having been fired into him as he was “leaning over” someone, which further supports Zimmerman’s testimony.

First, could you convict Zimmerman of murder or manslaughter based on this evidence? No fair jury, black or white, would do so.

Now, tell me where “Stand Your Ground comes in”? Sure, in retrospect Zimmerman shouldn’t have followed Martin. But if I had a carry permit for a gun here in New York, and I tried to follow someone in my crime-ridden neighborhood until the police arrived to arrest him, and he jumped me and started pummeling me and pounding my head against the pavement (I’m only stating what the evidence showed), and I was able to reach my gun and I shot the person who was beating me, would I be any more likely to be convicted of murder 2 or manslaughter than George Zimmerman was? Absolutely not! I would have been viewed by any fair-minded jury as having made a bad decision to follow the suspect, but a reasonable decision to shoot before my head caved in.

But still, our dividers in the White House talk as if the evidence I described didn’t exist. They won’t come out and say it was a racist killing, and they won’t come out and say it wasn’t, they’ll just walk the middle ground and let tempers, anger, and division simmer. Their hedging creates controversy and conflict, and divides us further.

And today, 2 days after the verdict, Attorney General Eric Holder sees fit to blast “Stand Your Ground” laws as if they had something to do with this case, and by implication as if they have something to do with racism. It is shameful behavior from someone whom we now expect nothing but shameful behavior. This is what a charlatan is.

It troubles me that so many in this country will not do their homework, will absorb the headlines but not the detail, will jump to conclusion without knowing any of the key facts. And that our President and his Administration will throw coals on the ignorant fire for their own benefit as they refuse to lead the country they have been elected to lead.

Trayvon Martin’s death is a tragedy. George Zimmerman’s acquittal prevented yet another.

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One Response to “Stand Your Ground” Had NOTHING To Do With This Verdict

  1. drew says:

    Well said, as usual. You are right that it was a simple case of self defense. He couldn’t run away or retreat, so the point is moot. And my liberal friends are clamoring for a federal trial charging the thug’s civil rights were denied. What do you bet they do charge him?

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