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Republicans Need to Take Control of Their Messaging, or Disappear

Republicans must seize control of their image and messaging, defeating the lies and distortions of the President and the liberal media, and drown out their own extreme members. If you asked your average American or European citizen about the Republican party’s … Continue reading

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Republicans and Their Missed Opportunity on Obamacare

What if House Republicans had made the government shutdown contingent on only delaying the Individual Mandate, and withdrawal of Congress’ subsidies and exemptions under Obamacare? Imagine Ted Cruz and Mike Lee didn’t launch a war that couldn’t be won, and … Continue reading

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Republicans, Wake Up!

My party blew it.  It’s time to get real, and if we don’t, we’ll lose the House, and our country will never be the same again. With John Boenher asleep at his post, Ted Cruz snuck by and blew himself … Continue reading

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“The Most Closed, Control Freak Administration I’ve Ever Covered” (David Sanger, liberal NYT Reporter)

If that statement isn’t enough for you, I refer you to another story written by Nancy Benac, a liberal reporter for the AP, headlined “Obama Limiting Press Access in Ways that Past Administrations Wouldn’t Have Dared”.  See link below: reading

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The Genius of Ted Cruz?

I’m not a fan, but could his obstructionist actions be his best political move ever? So far, and it is certainly early, Obamacare appears to be a disaster.  If it is as bad as I predict it will be, Ted … Continue reading

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Obamacare in One Screen Shot

My attempt to create and account with the Obamacare New York Health Exchange 3 years after the bill became law.

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Obama and the Debt Ceiling

Keep in mind that President Obama, as a Senator, did worse than try to negotiate before raising the debt ceiling.  He voted against raising it.  And I quote…. “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt … Continue reading

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