Republicans, Wake Up!

My party blew it.  It’s time to get real, and if we don’t, we’ll lose the House, and our country will never be the same again.

With John Boenher asleep at his post, Ted Cruz snuck by and blew himself and the Republicans up, badly wounding the party which I support.  We lay in the infirmary now, and the decisions we make about our rehabilitation will be emblazened on the country for at least a generation.  Will we allow this radical and incompetent administration to have control of both houses of Congress?  When they do, what worse than Obamacare will be thrust upon us?  How much of President Obama’s divisive and damaging agenda will be implemented?   Will we allow him to “fundamentally transform America” (his words)?

Ted Cruz is nothing short of a disaster for the party.  He is Christine O’Donnell with a Harvard Law degree.  Where did he think this was going to go?  Was he thinking only of himself?  Did he really believe we would get Obamacare de-funded?

As for Speaker Boenher, most say he will survive.  I ask, why should this man survive?  He is the leader of our Party in the House, the one fortification we have left between the America intended by the founding fathers, and a European welfare state.  As the leader of our country I am constantly holding Obama responsible for his many failures, and no differently I hold Boenher responsible for allowing this failure.  

I hear pundits saying Boenher is safe as Speaker.  How could this be?  He is failing at his job, and he just allowed the House and party to commit political suicide.  I guess this is the trend in politics today, that qualifications and results don’t matter.

2 months ago I had visions of retaking the House, and remote hopes of taking the Senate as well.  Today I feel lost, discouraged, and deeply concerned about the future of our country.  

Republicans, wake up!  Take back our party.  Listen to the people.  Be pragmatic, and understand what is possible and what is not.  Focus on winning the House, and picking up at least a few seats in the Senate.  Unfortunately we have made this battle twice as difficult for ourselves, and we need to play our shaky hand very effectively over the next 13 months.   


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One Response to Republicans, Wake Up!

  1. will fris says:

    Can win political battles unless you have the votes. The shutdown was a waste of time and the GOP needs to reign these idiots in or else we really will have one party rule

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