About the Author, Daniel Papes

The author of this blog is a political science and rhetorical communications major from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and currently a business executive in the private sector. He is an avid student of international affairs, 20th and 21st century history, and an accomplished public speaker.


1 Response to About the Author, Daniel Papes

  1. Rick Bueti says:

    Dan, great article.

    I know how much you are anti-Barack, but as painful as it is to say this, he’s going to wipe the floor with Romney in November. Here’s what Romney (MR) will try to say and how Barack (BO) will counter:
    MR: I’ll create jobs!
    BO: When I took office the economy was bleeding 700K jobs/month. I stopped that profuse bleeding and started us back on a path to growth. We are now creating hundreds of thousands of jobs/month and unemployment has stabilized at 8.3%, much lower than when I took office. We have much more to do, but clearly our jobs strategy is working. Governor Romney’s job performance as Governor was abysmal, his job creation record was the 3rd worst out of all 50 states. I’ve created jobs with my plan, he failed with his, so who’s really the job creator?
    MR: Barack is a socialist!
    BO: The TARP program that I supported SAVED the economy! Most of the $700 billion in TARP money has been paid back, with interest! I saved the American auto industry. Ford, GM and Chrysler are back from the brink, growing and creating more jobs. I saved 1 million american auto jobs, when many on the right were crying “socialism” just like my opponent. American industry is back!
    MR: Gas prices have skyrocketed and this President has done nothing about it!
    BO: What am I supposed to do? I don’t control the price of gas! If I intervene, the other side will cry “socialism” again. They are against “big government” yet they want me to intervene in private industry? Which is it, Mitt? It’s a free market economy. What I can tell you is “drill, baby, drill” is not the answer, we see how that worked out with the BP oil spill. Do we want to take more environmental risks with “drill, baby, drill” or “frack, baby, frack?” There has to be a better way, which is why i want to continue with my plan for a green economy and incentivize folks to create green jobs, continue to push for higher MPG fuel standards, and put 1 million electric vehicles on the road in the near term. I AM the environmental President and my plan will eliminate the need for foreigh oil and down the road we won’t have to worry about the price of gas because we won’t need it anymore! This is what my plan does!
    MR: We lost $500 million on Barack’s Solyndra investment!
    BO: We spent $500 million in Iraq every 2 weeks. If Mitt were President, we’d still be there. Next question?
    MR: Obamacare is a nightmare, I will repeal it!
    BO: How did Romneycare work out for you in Massachusetts, Mitt? Our plan is better, it lowers the cost of healthcare and covers everybody! Get real!
    MR: I will lower taxes on corporate America to 25% and give tax credits to corporations who keep manufacturing right here in the U.S.
    BO: I’ve already announced a plan to cut corporate taxes and I am also announcing tax amnesty for companies who repatriate the trillions of dollars that are being held abroad by U.S. corporations, especially if they use those repatriated funds to create new jobs right here in America.
    MR: The deficit is now $16 trillion dollars under President Obama! We are bankrupt!
    BO: I had to increase the deficit to pay for the two wars that were started by my predecessor AND to stave off the worst economic crisis since the great depression. However, I have a plan to reduce our future spending while we continue our GDP growth and keep medicare and social security solvent. The other side only knows how to say “cut taxes” especially for the Top 1% who don’t even pay their fair share and are the only people my opponent and his party really care about. I care about the 99%! “Trickle down” economics does not work. My plan does!
    MR: Everyone knows this President and his party are weak on defense!
    BO: Guess who got Bin Laden? If you said, “GW,” that’s BS, because it was BO, baby! GW had 8 years to get Bin Laden and he FAILED. Also, I’ve killed more Al Qaida leadership with drone strikes while minimizing civilian casualties and oh, by the way, I brought our troops home from Iraq which was a mistake and a war that I had the wisdom to vote against in the first place while in Congress when everybody was convinced that Saddam had WMD’s, which turned out bo be a complete falsehood…so BO was right again! And, I’m going to bring out troops back from Afghanistan by 2014. And, my Navy Seals are kicking butt all over the globe. Next question!
    MR: I will put aircraft carriers on Iran’s doorstep!
    BO: We have to wait to see if diplomacy works. The last thing this country wants or needs is for us to bomb Iran or Syria and start another, wildly expensive, 10-year war. We can’t afford it and our troops have done enough for us already. The Republican hawks led by guys like John McCain are borderline insane. But, make no mistake about it, I will never let Iran have nukes.
    MR: We need new leadership, this President has no experience and never was a job creator like me at Bain Capital!
    BO: What do you think I’ve been doing for the past 4 years, chopping liver? Ask yourself this question: Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? If you don’t believe so, vote for the guy with the nice hair and the luxury Cadillacs. If the rich pay their fair share, we will be even better off still. My opponent is one of the richest! His net worth is $25 million and he only paid 15% in taxes last year, that’s less than Warren Buffet’s Secretary! My policies are working! Our best days are ahead. Do you want to go back to the policies of the Republicans and George W which will once again bring us back to the brink of economic disaster? Or, do you want 4 more years of staying the course, continuing the momentum, and allow me to help America continue our path back to greatness? I think the answer is clear. Yes we did! And, Yes, we still Can!

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